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Week 2 ~ Joy of Yoga beginner class notes Sun Salutations

Posted 1/14/2014



Surya Namaskar translates to “salute to the sun”. Consequently, many prefer to perform the series first thing in the morning. This sequence demonstrates how succinctly your breath drives movement. It is considered to be more of a spiritual, not physical practice.

However, your body responds favorably to this routine. The benefits include:

       Increased circulation

       Improved flexibility and strength

       Stimulated internal organs

       Enhanced spirit

Step into the Pose

How to Perform the Sun Salutations Sequence:

  1. Start in Mountain Yoga Pose, hands in Namaste. – MOVE ON EXHALES
  2. Inhale and bring your arms up overhead, slight back bend
  3. Exhale into Forward Fold
  4. Inhale upward, rising halfway, hands on shins or ankles, with a flat back.
  5. Bring finger tips to the mat, step back left leg – coming into your lunge
  6. Push back into Plank Pose
  7. Lower down in to Chaturanga or Knees Chest Chin
  8. Lower down into Upward Facing Dog Pose or Cobra Pose.
  9. Press tailbone up come into Downward Facing Dog Pose
  10. Bring eye gaze to thumbs, step up right foot then left, hang in forward fold
  11. Return to Mountain, and repeat the sequence


Connect with the breath, make the movements mindful

Feel your body warm with each full rotation

And modify when necessary


 Allow it to become a meditation in motion
Using the breath to move you from pose to pose




This sequence will test your endurance! Focus on form, not speed. Even if you can only cycle through two rotations, you’ll build strength with regular practice.


On days when you think you have no time for yoga, try and do at least one or two rounds of the Sun Salutation. You'll feel the difference


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