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January Healthy eating tips ~ Day 4

Posted 1/4/2015

Day 4 ~ drink water!! 

We are told to consume at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Some experts and traditional medicine, like Ayurveda, suggested more.

drinking a glass of water every hour will insure you are getting enough and keep you from feeling hungry. 

How can we achieve our daily water intake requirement? The answer is a DIY water bottle marked with time! 

> Mark the bottle at one hour interval
> Every hour, you should drink about a glass of water (200 ml)
> At the time marked on the bottle, your water should be at that level
(e.g by 2 pm the water should be at the 2 pm level)
>You should finish 1 litre of water at noon. Refill it.
> If you follow the system, you should consume the recommended 8 glasses of water by dinner time
> The marking serves as a visual reminder encourage you to drink water and allow you to see your progress

> Water bottle (1 litre and ideally see-through) 
> Permanent marker or pretty tape


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